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Protected insertive oral from Meth addict

Hi all I know this might sound redundant but was wondering what chances are if I received protected oral (Hoping nothing happened to condom).

My worries are if she had a really high viral load and sores in mouth due to meth use.

Only symptoms have been itchy rashes behind ears/neck and headaches.

Testing was Oraquick week 8,9,10,11 Insti 3rd gen POC week 12 and 13.

Felt well but then noticed some thrush on tongue.

Coupe quick questions

1. For some reason it seems like people aren’t sure about a 3 month test. Should I trust it?

2. Could I be really that unlucky to get HIV from the scenario I described?

3. chance of condom failing during oral without me noticing

Sorry I’m a wreck.

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Forgot to add she had rashes she claimed where psoriasis all over her. I think I remember some on her hands, could that have been a exposure.
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You had no risk. If you take an HIV test, which is unnecessary, you can expect a negative.

In an adult, only unprotected anal or vaginal sex and sharing IV drug needles with infected users could possibly result in infection.
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Thanks for a speedy answer. So oral or skin rashes from let’s say ARS wouldn’t be contagious if they contacted my urethra or possible herpes rash?
Ok, guess my minds playing tricks on me. You just read so many things on the web. Even on poz there are people who claim infected by oral. Would the rapid test at 13 weeks be considered conclusive?
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You were never at risk. Even for some one with a real risk, 13 week would be conclusive. We can't endorse what other websites are telling you, here we offer practical information.

This is internet, anyone can say and claim any thing, fact of the matter is, no one has ever reported to get this infection from recieving oral sex, saliva restricts transmission.

You are clearly being paranoid about this event, you are worried about a total no risk scenario, although you didn't need to test, yet you can't accept your test result.

We have offered you the best we can from here. Perhaps seeing a therapist for your paranoia would be a good idea, if you can figure out what's exactly the cause of this anxiety, you will be able to overcome this ordeal. It is mostly observed that guilt is the number one reason for such anxiety followed by fear, that's another factor known to create such situation amongst worried wells.

Good luck.
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