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Protected oral sex

6 days before I had protected oral sex for 4 minute with sex worker but she touched my penis by her lips mouse for second before I tell her that I must use condom what is my risk for all std mainly hiv,herpes and gonorrhea ?
I feel burning on my penis during urination
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Reread the advice on your Sept post. You have many posts about hiv and std so maybe you should stop going to these places since you end up so anxious afterwards that you keep asking the same questions as before.
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Thanks for advice
But there is difference in exposures
This time I made protected oral sex in egypt we didn't have std doctors so I asked many times
Whether you're in Egypt or in Canada or Japan or Serbia or any other countries in the world, it's not a risk anywhere. You could be on Mars and it still would not be a risk.
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We understand you may come from a part of the world where information for how HIV is transmitted isn't as available.  You've asked about different exposures but you have to remember the ONLY ways that HIV is transmitted.  These ways are unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse (penetrating) or sharing of IV drug needles.  Unless you are writing about one of those ways, you will be told you had no risk including this time with an exposure of protected oral sex.  

Oral sex is NEVER a risk even unprotected because saliva and air inactivate the virus.  You can't touch the virus either.  So, all scenarios that do not include the three ways people get HIV are no risk.  That should serve the purpose to ease your mind with your sexual encounters.  You used a condom ,that is safe sex.  Keep doing that and you will never expose yourself to HIV.
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Thank you
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