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Protected sex at massage parlour in vegas, flu symptoms help

Hi Admins,

I had a brief encounter with a massage parlour worker on september 27th, she performed oral and then a brief sex which was with condom all the time, nor sure about the breakage, she removed the condom off once the act was done, not at oct 21st I started feeling chills, 102.6 fever and body pains, these look like flu symptoms to me, had cbp(complete blood picture) doctor suggested and it was normal. I am worried if this is any kind of infection related to the act.
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You were advised that there was no risk associated with your incident and the only risks for HIV transmission was provided.

You have chosen to ignore that and focus only on your symptoms, which offcourse are irrelevant to HIV because you never had a risk. 37.50 / 38.00 is not fever, it's your normal body temperature that varies during the day, that number gets higher by a small fraction due to anxiety. Also, 2 small raised bumps on you hands are not HIV Rash, each and everyone's body goes through minute changes every day, you are observing those changes and freaking out. You are clearly overreacting.

Your case is just another classic HIV scare due to guilt or fear without any potential exposure. We are only specific to HIV prevention and your concern isn't relevent to this forum. You will have to see a therapist to address your anxiety.

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Sounds like you have a common viral infection.  The only way that HIV is transmitted sexually is by having unprotected anal or vaginal sex.  You did not do that.  Your condom did not break - you would have known without a doubt.
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Fever subsided, but started seeing rash on the palms. I am still worried please help.
There's nothing more to add to what you e already been told. You had no risk for HIV, period. Your symptoms are irrelevant to that fact.
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