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Protected sex with a spa girl

I am really tensed, for this one wrong act in my entire life.I gone to a spa after having massage engaged in a protected sex with the spa girl(lasted for only 10 to 15 sec),I repeat sex was protected one but i did finger her vagina for once( not deep) for 5 secs and kissed her nipples(not lactating) for 3 seconds.
After this act I was so tensed I took the spa girl(by convincing her) for a 4th generation test, 5days after our act though she was ready to go for test and was quite confident of her results.
I was personally present while the blood was taken for testing.Test done was along with result
HIV 1& 2 (Non Reactive)
P24 Antigen test( .237 is Index value and result in Non Reactive)
HBsAG( Non Reactive)
HVC(Non Reactive)
VDRL(Non Reactive)

After that I did a test on myself at 10h day from day of protected sex as I googled and found  p24 antigen can be first detected with in 7 to 14 days and then it gets vanihed.
I did 4th generation HIV test
HIV 1& 2 (Non Reactive)
P24 Antigen test( .137 is Index value and result in Non Reactive)

Please tell me do I still possess any risk to get affected as I did finger her vagina and licked/kissed her nipples.Though she tested negative after our intercourse but not sure what certain sites say about false negative on window period and being a spa girl they can provide services to the other clients as well.

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Theres no need to test for a protected sex if the condom dint failed.
If you continue to test for it..for sure it will be negative for that kind of exposure.
Stay safe in future.
Thanks, more over the girl was negative and I am negative too at 10days.I hope that adds value more to it?wdyt?Also does licking nipples or fingering vagina have any risk?
None of those are risks so it doesn't matter if you tested because there is no HIV to test for with no risk.
HIV is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities. It doesn't matter if you and they were actively bleeding or had cuts at the time either because the HIV is effectively dead.  
Only 3 adult risks are the following:
1. unprotected penetrating vaginal
2. unprotected penetrating anal sex
3. sharing needles that you inject with. Knowing these 3 are all you need to know to protect yourself against HIV. Your situation is a long way from any of these 3.
Even with blood, lactation, cuts, rashes, burns, etc the air or the saliva does not allow inactivated virus to infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities. The above HIV science is 40 years old and very well established so there is no detail that you can add that will make your encounter a risk for HIV. No one got HIV from the situation you encountered in 40 years and likely no one will in the next 40 of your life, so there in no more likelihood of HIV transmission happening than of you getting hit by a meteor as you read this.
I liked the last line, this type of things boost self confidence.Thanks a lot!!So no tests required for me?
@AnxiousNoMore not sure if you read my parent post it was not only about sucking nipples or fingering vagina I had protected sex too that lasted for 15 secs.So am I safe?Please respond..God bless you!!
You didn't do any of the 3. You are safe and should be happy.
So no more tests required for me?Right?
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