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Protected sex with expired condom. Hiv symptoms??

On Monday last week i had sex with a prostitute while i was very, very drunk. I used condom, very carefully i made sure the only area that penetrated was only the covered area. But the thing is the condom was actually expired. The condom didn't break at all. It didn't last long not more than 5 mins. The day after i started to feel the flu like symptoms until Friday, then i started to have flu until now. It's been 9 days of flu and cough with pleghm coming out . Sometimes i have muscle aches too and stings under my left ear. Today my face starts to itch. Are these HIV symptoms? Or is it excessive alcohol drinking that got my immune system decreased?
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If a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters so that didn't happen or else both of you would know it. The expiry is irrelevant since it protected you this time.
Billions of negative people like you get a flu without warning ever so your flu is not notable, because people cough on your lips and door knobs.
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