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Protected sex with fluid in condom. Am I at risk?

Two weeks back I had sex with a CSW. I used Durex Extra safe condom for both oral and vaginal sex.

While having vaginal sex, I noticed that there is some fluid inside the condom. My penis glans was still covered. But I haven't came yet. Is that normal?

I didn't notice that that the condom is broken, but my mind is scaring me into thinking the condom might be torn and I didn't notice.  Could that be a sign of condom failure? Am I at risk for HIV?

Thank you
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Whether fluid leaked into the condom or whether it was your own pre-cum is not relevant.  This is not how people get HIV.  HIV enters through the urethra, when the head of the penis is inserted into a vagina or anus, unprotected.  

Any condom that covers the head of your penis during penetrative sex, and does not VISIBLY break, protects you from HIV.   Condom breaks that put you at risk for HIV are very noticeable and would have left the head of your penis completely exposed.  You didn't have any risk for HIV.
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Thank you for answering. So you are saying there is no chance I am infected, even if vaginal fluids are inside the condom?

I've been asked if I see if there is some leaks on the condom by some local HIV counsellors. Which kinda adds on to my anxiety.

That is correct.  You do not describe a risk. If the head of your penis is uncovered, unprotected (your urethra) entering the vagina or anus, that is the risk. Not what you describe.  No risk.

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