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Protected vaginal sex but afraid of sore throat

I had protected vaginal sex with a random girl from a pub, I am pretty sure there no fluid exchange happen other than after erection gone she removed the condom with a napkin, I had a small tear on my penis foreskin. I doubt while removing condom if some fluid got exchanged through the tear.
After 5 weeks later I had a severe sore throat which gradually developed which was mild for first 2 days then 2 days severe then resolved. And a fever of 100F for 2 days. Sore throat is worst only in the while I woke then night cough for 2 days while lying down bed.  

I went to a doctor he suggest CBC the results are
WBC : 11.8
Neutrophils: 72
Lymphocytes: 18.5

Rest all were normal. Doctor give me antibiotics and paracetamol it improved within 3 days I was back to normal.
So while on lab reports because of low lymphocytes I doubted that was a seroconversion symptom. I really freaked out even now after 3 months I cant stop worrying.

On the same day my friend also dated with her and unprotected sex he tested last week and negative.

Is this really a seroconversion symptom? I am constantly worrying about that. I googled and many places they put sore throat as a symptom.
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Same thing happened with me.1year ago my CBC show higher WBC , neutrophil 75% and lymphocytes 14%.I was sure that my HIV test will come back positive.I had chronic hiv symptoms but TESTED NEGATIVE.HIV specialist told,my CBC shows a non specific infection but it doesn't necessarily mean HIV and that time after 5 months of sexual exposure HIV rapid test was negative .So doctor told it's not HIV.
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Thanks :)
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I am sorry you are so anxious.  In this situation it is unwarranted. As Chima said, protected sex is not a risk for HIV.  You do not need any further testing. No risk means every test you ever take will be negative. So, you should move on.  The ONLY ways people really get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.
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Dear GuitarRox,
Thank you so much for your immediate response.

I had the doubt because of that very severe sore throat and mild fever. I was really freaked out. Then I was thinking about if the condom leaked or not. But the girl told it was fine till the last minute.

My marriage is going to held on next week, I cannot stop worrying.

Even the blood workup looks like there is some infection. So I extremely out of my mind.
Viruses cause sore throats.  I will not entertain irrational thinking and you shouldn't either.  You had protected sex.  This is not a risk no matter what your anxiety brain is telling you.  You are 'out of your mind' because of anxiety only.  NOT hiv as you had zero risk.
Thank you so much for your response.
I feel better while reading your answer.
As you told I will stop thinking irrationally.
After this incident my mind is out of my control, off course regret and Guilt.
Congratulations, Stay happy when you get married.
Thank you.
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You had no risk for HIV because you used a condom. People get sick with sore throats and fevers all the time especially now during cold and flu season. There's absolutely no reason to assume this had anything to do with HIV. Condoms are used to prevent HIV. You used a condom and it didn't break. Therefore you had no risk.
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Heyy Chima,

Do you think I should go for a p24 antigen test? In 3 months mark. I heard that lymphocytes will be low in acute infection. That is what I still worrying
I am still worried when I look up my complete blood count.
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