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Protected *******


1- 2 days ago I had protected blowjob (with a condom) with a prostitute and before that I rubbed her vagina for less than 1 minute without a condom. So, in case that woman was HIV positive do you think I could be at risk?

2- If I don't see any flu like symptoms within 2 weeks does that mean I'm fine?

3- When I go back to my country next week, do you think I could have sex with my girlfriend without worrying about transmitting HIV to her?

Wadaad- Canada
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But anyway I'm not gonna do it again no matter how safe it may sound because I prefer to stay faithful with my partner and using condoms doesn't prevent other STD's like Herpes.

Thanks again n bye
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Thanks Lizzie and I just found this on wikipedia

(In June 2002, a study conducted amongst 135 HIV negative Spanish heterosexuals, who were in a sexual relationship with a person who was HIV positive, reported that over 19,000 instances of unprotected oral sex had not led to any cases of HIV transmission.)

So this means there's practically no risk at all when a condom is used.

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rubbing does not put someone at risk.

hiv is transmitted through...
unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse
sharing iv drug works
mother to child
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