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Hello ,
I had protected sex but I think the condom might be broke ,
So I tested combo Ag+Ab after 42-43 days
The lap says is accurate after 21 days
But I trust this forum ,,
My questions are :
1- How accurate my test are ?
2- Do I need to test again ?
3- I didn't test for any std cause I have no symptoms but if I had one like hepatitis will it affect my combo test ?

Thank you so much
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Why do you think it broke? Did it rupture and hang in tatters?
I just have a feeling cause I was a little bit drunk that night
Anyways it doesn't matter what matter is my test how accurate it's ?
I tested combo Ag+Ab after 6 weeks in day 42 it's cames back negative ,
Should I move on ?
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Micro tears that you are worried about are a myth so it didn't fail. If it fails it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters, and both of you would know it, plus it is difficult to remove so a little bit drunk wouldn't hide all that problem. You didn't have any risk so yes, you should move on.
Thank you sir ,,
I'm really afraid the condom might be broke even if it never happen ,,
So this why I tested the 4 generation antibody + antigen after six weeks in day 42 ,,
It is accurate 100% ?
The condom didn't break and I think you already know that. But you're feeling guilty so you're trying to punish yourself by imagining things that aren't true. In any case, you had no risk and your test is conclusive and proves that you do not have HIV so you can move on and quit worrying about this.
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Yes, your 4th generation combo test at 42 days is conclusive.  You don't have HIV.  
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Who say all test are conclusive at 84 days.
But some specialist say 4th generation is conclusive at 42 days or 6 week
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