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Question about Nursegirl's journal

I have a quick question about this particular part of the journal by Nursegirl.

"Medical Exposures.  You cannot and will not EVER be infected by a medical procedure, like having your blood drawn, or an IV inserted.  Medical professionals do NOT re-use needles, period.  Mainly because if they did, they would be placing themselves at risk for all kinds of infections, and they simply wouldn't do that.  Secondly, most of the needle products out there today allow for a ONE time use only, and have safeguards in place to prevent re-use.  If you are worried about this...put it out of your mind, it is irrational."

My question is, do lancets included in what she described above?  I just want to know if needles are not of concern during medical procedure then lancets don't pose any risk either?  Guess I didn't see the word "lancets" mentioned above and made me worry.

Thanks in advance!  (^_^)
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Anyone?  please?  Is this question too hard to answer or no one knows HIV risk via lancets during medical procedures?
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There is no risk of using a lancets. Again lancets are NOT reused.
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Thanks Teak.  Many blessings to you!
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