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Question about lymph nodes

Hi I just have a question about the lymph node symptom. I have read mixed things about them and am confused. I have heard that lymph nodes also swell when you have colds, sore throats, ear infections etc. I currently have a cold not sure if it's just a cold or hiv symptom but I have probably 2 little pea or bean sized lymph nodes that can be felt on one side of my neck which is also the side where the throat is sore. They don't look overly swollen/enlarged. You probably can't even see them but when I touch my neck I can definitely feel little bulging lumps that were not there before this cold. (I've been feeling my neck a lot lately due to worrying about Hiv symptoms and I always thought I could have had swollen lymph nodes but didn't know how to tell but now that I've got them I can certainly tell, you can really feel little lumps in the neck, and the other side is smooth as usual.) I've read that with him ALL lymph nodes swell not just in one particular area because hiv is in the blood throughout the whole body and minor infections such as sinus infections will just cause the lymph nodes in the area in which the infection is to swell? Is this true? Cause it would make sense if I have a cold in my head or sinus infection or throat infection of some sort on that side of my head mainly for the lymph nodes on that side right near my sore throat to swell a little bit. So if it was hoc causing this cold/flu symptoms of runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat would ALL of my lymph nodes also be swollen not just on one side of my neck? I just want to know for peace of mind. Thank you
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Because I used to think having swollen lymph nodes meant you had hiv so that's why it's been such a worry for me to actually feel that I do have swollen lymph nodes along with this cold
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