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Question about showing symptoms

I was just wondering. I have read on this board that roughly 80-90% show symptoms of infection. If this is true, why does everyone keep saying lack of symptoms mean nothing? That seems pretty high to me.

Also, if you have had a high risk situation, and you and your partner have had unprotected sex multiple times since the exposure, and they show no symptoms, (high fever for extended period, etc...) statistically would it be fair to assume that you probably did not acquire HIV from exposure?

Just wondering thanks a lot.
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most with hiv have no symptoms most here are dealing with hiv anxiety and ocd plus stress issues
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As per your first question, because only 1% of the people that visit their doctors believing they have "ARS" symptoms, actually turn out to be HIV related, the rest is something else.  No one can diagnose you from the web, and the best we can do is measure your risk and give you an opinion as if you were exposed to any risk and should get tested.  Once again symptoms mean nothing, its what you end up doing (having unprotected sex or sharing needles) that decides if you need testing or not.

As per your second question, NO.  Only 50% or so of the people that are infected show symptoms many do not show for years.  As a result, if  you have had unprotected vaginal or anal sex with someone of unknown status or have shared needles with someone of unknown status then you need to test regardless of how many symptoms you may or may not have had.
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Evereyone here thats posts with their symptoms winds up testing negtaive. Or they already tested negative but still claim their ailments are due to HIV.

Besides roughly half of infected people show ARS symptoms. And the reason you cant diagnose based on them is because they are the same symptoms that other viruses like the common cold have.
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So to clarify it is only 50% ? Sorry for redundancy, it's just that I heard 80-90% a few different times here.

Also, even at 50%, would the other partner show signs, seeing as how they would be the 50% ?

One final question. Does anyone know if Canada offers rapid testing (Ottawa specifically) or has home test kits?

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If the other partner was indded infected then they couldbe in that 50%. But not everyone that has sex with an HIV+ partner actually catches the virus.
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Any info. on availablity of rapid tests or home tests in Canada?

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The symptoms only happen in 50%-60% of people so it wont give you netheir a positive indicator netheir a negative indicator, in other words If someone received a protected ** by nun and have all symptoms it wont tell that he may be infected, or if someone have receptive anal and share needles with someone with hiv high viral load, and never had any symptoms it wont tell that he may not be infected, that is the resason they are useless and meaningless.
There are a rapid tests aproved in Canada, you should contact the Otawa health department, they can tell you where you can have them.
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The BioLytcal INSTI is a very good rapid test for HIV1&2, manufactured in Canada and of course licenced by Healh Canada.
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Seroconversion is the process of the blood (serum) turning HIV antibody negative to HIV antibody positive on tests. The word seroconversion is used colloquially to mean the short ilness during primary infection that SOME experience.
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