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Question about test results

I had an exposure over 3 months ago now with tsanssexual in Thailand.
I remember it was protected, but I was also very drunk. That's why I am worried. I am not 100% sure, what happened that night. I remember just moments, that she put condom on me. And later I remember she put condom on her as she penetrated me like 20 seconds maybe. Then she asked if I wanted without condom. I kept asking about condom and cannot remember having sex without condom. But as I was drunk, not 100% sure.

4 weeks 4th gen duo lab test- negative
8 weeks 4th gen duo lab test- negative
11 weeks 4th gen duo lab test- negative and hiv rna pcr- negative
14 weeks 4th gen duo lab test- negative

Please tell me how conclusive can I consider these results?

I asked now couple of days ago this transsexual in Facebook and she swore on her mother and on God that she does not have any disease. Also told me that if I don't believe, then I can meet with her in Thailand whenever I want and we can go testing together into the hospital. I asked her also during that night about the diseases.

I don't know anymore what to do...
I have asked many doctors and they all say that you can move on. Please help me, would you really consider these results conclusive?
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I have to add one more thing. Already pretty long time I have had this weird tension in my front neck. I don't know whether it is because of the anxiety and depression or why. Just tension, at least it feels like that.

I wonder, maybe they are lymph nodes, but I don't feel them to anywhere. Of course if I poke under my ear near the jaw all the time, then it becomes little bit sensitive, but is it just because of the anxiety and high depression.

I truly hope you find few minutes to calm me down. Please. Thanks in regards.
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What about that tension feeling in neck?
I mean the feeling like someone is chocking you very very lightly or like that.
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See a Dr for it.
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But these tests mentioned above are conclusive and sure?
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