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Questions about ARS Symptoms and Related Seroconversion

Well, I haven't posted in a while, but as my 12th week approaches, I'm wondering how good things are looking with my 7 week negative. My 25th Birthday is actually gonna be 12 weeks to the day of my exposure now that I've counted back.... December 11th. I guess it would be a great birthday present to receive a more conclusive negative. However, as confident as I was after my 7 week negative, as the 12th week approaches, I find myself asking more questions. Add that to the fact, that all of a sudden women are slowly working their way back into the picture after my little "anxiety induced" hiatus away from them.

My major concern is that my groin area still seems to be going through what ever its been going through. I can't really tell if there is actual swelling, but there is a burning sensation, like your muscles might burn during efforts. Also, now that I've started cycling again, I've noticed that there is a lump or something at the back of my right knee. When I fold my leg ( usually in the morning as I wake up ) I can feel it. Also, if I push and try to power up to 35mph while cycling it starts to bother me. I guess you might say it has to do with my cycling, but 35mph used to be easy for my before my possible exposure and before all of my symptoms. I'm not sure if these remaining pains actually have to do with nodal swelling or ARS or HIV, but they of course have me a little worried since they all showed up around the 4th week after my exposure. However, by this time all of the other possible ARS symptoms, like my rash and sore throat had already began to go away.

My main question is,

1.) If I indeed had gone through ARS and had already passed all of my symptoms, having none beyond the groin swelling and some pain in my right shoulder and joint area, wouldn't I have shown antibodies during my seven week test?

My other questions are similar:

2.) If my symptoms had already disippated, would it then mean that my body had already began fighting the virus and producing anti bodies ( assuming I was or am actually possitive ), which should have shown up on the test?

3.) I'm tempted to take a test in between.... just for more peace of mind. Should I take that test or wait it out? At least I could have a negative before my birthday.

I had another question, but its kind of irrelevant based on the answer to these two questions. None of them really matter anyway. I'm either negative or positive no matter what your answers are, just want some reassurance to my curiosity. On a good note, I met this really beautiful Poz girl, so either way I'll be set. Now that I know more about it, I'm less afraid of it.

Anyway, your answers will be well received. Like I said, I feel confident with my negative, but now that I'm dipping back into the dating pool, I feel somewhat unsure as to how to go about it with the possibility still hanging around and a conclusive result still weeks away.

  Oh, Yeah... My other question was. If ARS had already taken place and the symptoms had dissipated, would this mean that seroconversion would have already taken place by my seven week test ( if in fact I were positive )?  
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No one going to answer?
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I'm sorry, I don't really know how to answer any of your questions.  I did a test 8 weeks after exposure and am still awaiting the result (it takes 2+ weeks)... I have my 12 week test on December 7th, just a few days before yours.  

I think you should wait for the conclusive before getting into a sexual relationship with anyone...but that's just me...

Don't know if you're religious, don't even know if I am, but for this--I'll keep you in my prayers.
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Just wait and get tested at the 12th week mark , it will be negative, that right there is already almost ALWAYS positive if you are indeed positive. But your negative.
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I meant to say that because you already have a 7 week negative and there always almost postive by then so i dont expect it to change when you go for it at 12
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Thanks for your responses. I would not be any bit concerned were it not for this lump I feel behind my knew all of a sudden when I bend it. My groin area still hurts from time to time, but from the pictures I've seen of nodal swelling in the groin, my nodes don't look swollen at all.... I have no idea whats going on.  

I'm beginning to believe that it all may be related to something that happened to me over the summer. I trained pretty hard for our Independence cycling Championships and then afterward on my vacation I started riding much longer distances. Like 90 miles in one trip for the first time. Shortly after that for my race in July, my legs kept burning. I couldn't even keep a good average speed. Even when I wasn't riding it just felt like the Lactic Acid wasn't running out. Now that I think of it, that is how my nodes feel, but back then it was more in my calves, knees and hamstrings.

I think I will wait for my twelve week test as you all suggest and try not to read the net anymore. Reading these boards is ok, but the net has too much conflicting info. I don't know how I got into that again.

As for relationships, I don't plan to do anything until I'm sure of my status. I guess something that's also reassuring is that while some of the things happening to me seem to line up with HIV others, like my appetite don't. My appetite seems like its increased since all of this.... I'm hungry right now.... Maybe I've just payed more attention to it since this. Also, my nodes all seem to be only on the right side, except for in my groin.... What does that sound like. I thought to google it, but don't want to start turning over any more stones unless I actually have to.

Once again, thanks.
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That's true.... So I've noticed. I've found things related to HIV and wondered "How could that be?"
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