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Questions about the 4th generation HIV test

Hello, I have a question about the test date of the 4th generation. I saw in the comments that the test results are accurate after 28 days. If it happens to be the morning of the 28th day, will the test be accurate? Or do I have to wait until 28 days for the test?
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Your result won't change, but if it's going to give you anxiety, just wait another day.
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Thank you for your answer. I am puzzled about the test time, because my country does not accurately state the HIV window period, and I saw the data released by the US CDC that requires the 4-generation test at 45 days. And I saw DR.Hook And DR.HHH said on medhelp in 2014 that the results of the 4th generation at 4 weeks are completely accurate, but they now say that the results of 6 weeks are reliable. How often should I take the 4th generation test and get an accurate result without having to take a test again.
Take it ONCE.  You don't need to take a test for the same disease multiple times.  No one does that for other diseases either.  42 days is a super-extra cautious time period, and is generally meant for those with high-risk encounters, such as unprotected intercourse with someone who is known to be HIV+.

Take it once, at whatever time period you feel is conclusive enough for you to move on.
I don't even see that you have had an actual risk for HIV.  If you are testing for the events you mentioned previously, it doesn't matter when you test.  You had zero risk for HIV, so any test you take at any time will be conclusive, and negative.
You had no risk - your problem is you suffer from hiv fixation. Seek therapy from a mental health therapist if you can't stop worrying, because at this point it is a bit of a mental health issue to keep worrying and testing for a disease you can't have.

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