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Hello Doctors:

in october of 2007 I had an encounter of unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a female of unknown status. This was at college I was 21 at time and she was 20. approx 3 weeks later I had a rash on the head of my penis most likely NGU due to the pain after ejaculation , swollen urethral opening and negative Gon and Chlamyda urinealysis.

another week went by and I became sick with swollen lymphnodes (generalized) ranging from pea to marble sized. behind ears also. I know they are pointless in HIV but white spots on tonsils, couch, conjuctivitis, low grade fever. just for reference.

However, on a great note I had a undetectable viral load (at GP so Im guessing it was a PCR RNA) and negaitive RPR and surface antibody for Hep B. this was ~10 weeks after this event.
Over the course of the next now 3 years I have had abou t20 negaitive HIV tests, oraquick advance HIV1/2 and the last being an actual EIA through my university in Ohio and was negative. This was 2 years and 10 months past this ONLY potential exspouser.

now what is over 3 years away I have pricking sensations that occur in my feet at times , red blood spots that comce and go inside my cheeks, the same generilized nodes in all the spots above that have remained present and cryptogenic tonsils and a tongue that always tingles on the left side of it. Its white towards the back but its not like thick white patches or anything. I know there are alot of things this could be but is it possiable it could still be HIV? the EIA was done through compunet labs HIV1/2  ...... I am male, wht, 24 now and not at all permiscious. Is there any need to test anymore?

Please give me your candid thoughts.
Thank you for your time
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Welcome to the HIV forum.

Have you really had 20 HIV tests???  That is grossly excessive.  The current HIV antibody tests are 100% reliable when done more than 6-8 weeks after the last exposure (very rarely it may take 3 months) -- and even with the theoretical possibility of failure to produce antibody, if you had been infected the PCR RNA test would have been positive.

Symptoms never are a valid indicator of new HIV infection.  Your negative test results prove that your symptoms cannot possibly be due to HIV.  And HIV would never cause the symptoms you describe as the only manifestations of disease.  I won't speculate on the possible causes of your symptoms -- there are many possibilities -- but not HIV.

On top of all that, you had a virtually zero risk sexual exposure.  Testing wasn't necessary at all after such an exposure -- but as already discussed, you could have had a very high risk exposure, it wouldn't matter.  The test results rule.

So for sure you should never have another HIV test, unless and until you have a risky sexual or blood-related exposure.

And those are my candid thoughts.  I hope they help.  Happy new year--   HHH, MD
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Trust me on this:  you do not have HIV.  There is nothing in "persist swollen glands and , pricking feeling in my toes at times abd these constant red spots coming and going" that suggests an HIV infection.  Where did you come to suspect those symptoms would be due to HIV?  They are far more consistent with any number of far more common problems.

There are rare congenital disorders that make persons unable to produce effective antibodies to anything. They are always very ill from childhood and rarely reach adulthood.  There is no such thing as being unable to produce only HIV antibodies.  It doesn't happen.

An undetectable viral load means that the immune system is keeping HIV very well controlled.  That cannot happen without antibody.  It is impossible to have HIV with negative viral load and negative antibody test.

Please accept the reassurance.  If you find yourself still obsessing with the possibility you might have HIV, I suggest you consider professional counseling.  It is not normal, indeed it is irrational, to remain worried about a health problem after such overwhemling evidence and repeated, reasoned reassurance -- which I am sure you have had from several health care providers, not just this forum.  I suggest it out of compassion, not criticism.

That will have to be all for this thread.  Take care.

There is no chance the tests are wrong.  You do not have HIV, period.
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Hello Doctor:

Yes I've really had that many tests . Ive kept testing because of the persist swollen glands and , pricking feeling in my toes at times abd these constant red spots coming and going
Isthe theoretical risk of people not being able to produced antibodies real? When this occurs is it only.antibodies to HIV or of this was real wouls it be antibodies to all illnesses?

So you feel that  there is no chance all these tests could be wrong?
Does the viral load really holds any validity because it was done at 10 weeks? Would viral set point cause this to be suppressed and undetectable?

These are my final questions. Thank you for your final responses.
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