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I gave oral sex as a  receptive to a bisexual guy. During my blowjob section, I felt an intensive blood taste but didn't care about it. After a while, he ejaculated into my mouth. After all these, I spit blood and checked my mouth and observed that my upper lip was deeply bleeding. I know oral sex is not a risky activity but what about these all? I feel kind of anxious.
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You obviously didn't have a gaping wound before you started, so whatever injury that occurred would have been sustained during the oral itself.

If the cut you describe wasn't deep enough to deter you from performing the oral sex, it should not have been deep enough to pose a risk.

No risk.
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Thanks. Yes, before oral there had not been a gaping wound, it is obvious that it happened during oral but the problem is that the guy ejaculated directly to the place where wound on while it was bleeding. Now I am experencing all symptoms. Do not you still recommend testing?
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Still no risk.
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no risk
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