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Hi guys - i've been freaking out the past 24 hours because i thought i never got an HIV test and i just went to the DR to get one - my last unprotected sexual experience was 10 years ago in 1999 - i had a few over a 2 year period back then - ive been married to the same woman since - i got my 3rd headcold of the year, have cold sores and stomach issues over the past couple of years so i started to get worried about my immune system being compromised - Then my friend reminded me that i took a very large life insurance policy out with AIG back in 2005 and said he was certain that they would have tested me for HIV then.. For the life of me, i cant find those lab results in my records, but is that true? Do the large life insurance companies automatically test for HIV?????If this is true, my stress and anxiety will diminish significantly because i ended up getting the life insurance policy which is north of $1m. Please someone confirm this for me if these large life insurance companies require HIV testing
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Have no idea.
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Living in the US if your are to get an HIV test you are advised before they run the test.
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