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Hi, I am just wondering if any of you know the statistics in regards to HIV transmission through piercings such as navel piercings (in canada).

I had my belly button pierced 3 weeks ago in a shop which did not look that clean. The piercer did perform the procedure properly. Meaning he cleaned the area, used gloves, applied alcohol to the area, however i do not know how sanitary the needle was. It was in a packet, however I am afraid they may of repackaged it, as the piercing was only 20 dollars, and usually it costs 60.

Anyways I have had a bad cold for 1 week, sore throat, blocked nose and phlem producing cough. Now after that one week, i have a fever with chills.

Thank you for your time.
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No one has ever contracting HIV from piercing or tattoos.
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Thanks so much. I know there have been cases of Hepatitis through Piercing & Tattoos.

Is this because HIV doesn't last long in the environment. Do you know approx how long the virus lasts once exposed to air?
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