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on September 12 2015 I  spent around one hour with a Chinese CSW. There was no intercourse. only mutual masturbation hugging and massaging.  I was drunken. I put finger inside her  and  immediately touch   my penis. there was deep hugging with naked body. that time I am not sure my penis just touched her vagina or not. I saw one blister in her breast.  after 3 days my right hand elbow swollen and painful. 25th day I was infected with flu and cold. then started neck stiffness and pain But I did not take it serious because it was low risk . But now  4 months  120 days after got high fever next day started red pimple like Rashes after some time some of them filled with water . look like chicken pox. but not like typical chicken pox rash.  only in my face these rashes are different type  . its look like hard bumbs. not blisters..    please advice me am I at risk of  hiv.. how long it will be present.
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There is no risk of HIV transmission for this incident.
HIV can be transmitted via unprotected vaginal or/and anal penetration, sharing IV works in drugs and from mother to child
Take care
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for my knowledge please tell me...fever and rash in 4th month  possible? what  are the other stds have same blister like rashes.
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Whatver symptoms you're experiencing aren't symptoms of HIV.  You didn't have a risk, so it's impossible that your rash is due to HIV.   Please visit the STDs community for any STD questions: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs/show/98
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I saw one broken fresh  blister in her breast.  If i also have a pimple like anything in my chest. (I have some times) and if they touch each other there is some risk of hiv. am i correct?  I read herpes is increasing the risk of hiv transmission. my rashes  are look like folliculties. when i search in internet. all the ARS HIV rash pictures  are same like my rash . now after 10 days also some of them still there .  please tell me hiv test is required?  now i am not in my country so i cant do this.
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