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RASH on arm

I know symptoms are not a tell-tale sign, but can't explain the rash any other way.
I'm scared sick.... 3 weeks a ago I had a protected encounter with another man who i did not know. I was insertive and wore a condom, and i fingered him in the anus. I'm worried because I also might have had a little little cut on one of my fingers. Anyhow, three weeks afterwards, I feel like i have a fever (i've been at 37 C) , i have diarhea, and today I just noticed this sort of rash across my right arm like little red smudges not too close togehter. They aren't coming from the hair follicles and i havent had this before. I thought I was alright but now im worried i do have ARS. My logical side says i cant...i was protected, but there's also all those "what if"s: condom broke, leakage, cut got infected....

It has also been 1 week since i started the atkins diet... could that be responsible?
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protected is protected...no risk...symptoms can't be related. fever is too low anyway to be ARS.
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anxiety and stress will cause all problems no risk here move on
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lol, throw into the mix some strong house cleaning products, you got yourself a rash. Its gone now after a few hours. Goes to show you how paranoid you can be in these situations... advice to everyone else: don't believe in symptoms
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I had a rash on my arm (9 1/2 weeks after exposure), that is kind of like the one you describe.  A few brown spots, that went away within hours.  I was tested immediately after exposure (cause I forced the guy to do it as well) and we both tested negative.  I then tested 6 months, 1 year and a half, and 3 and a half years after that same exposure, and the test came back negative EVERY time.

Its actually nice to see somebody with a similar symptom to mine, who had NO RISK whatsoever.  I tell you that rash bothered me all these years, even with the negative test results.  Now I am accepting my test results gladly  (after starting medicine for OCD and receiving cognitive therapy).

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By the way the rash associated with ARS usually occurs on the chest, and from what I understand is not unilateral.

And 37 is not a fever.  Not in my book anyways, the body temperature can fluctuate here and there throughout the day!  (o:
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If one has a true ARS rash it is not localized.
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