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I am a very healthy guy with a good immune system I don’t have any cuts and infections on my pennies and 5 months ago I had a 2 minutes vaginal exposure with a married women I am not sure about Hiv status but I came to know that she is suffering from PCOS AND hypothyroidism since she’s is obese I had not fully inserted my pennies into her vagina but I found her vagina was very loose to move the pennies I had not observed any blood marks on my pennies after the exposure since that exposure I had not observed any symptoms of Hiv on my body what are my chances of getting Hiv in future
##To my anxiety I had gone for Hiv 1&2 antibody ,HCV Ans HBSag test at 11th week of exposure and it resulted non reactive for all these test
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Health has nothing to do with HIV infection so most of your post has irrelevant info, however any test is conclusive after 12 week tests but a lot of people say 11 is close enough so likely you are in the clear.
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Polycystic ovaries, hypothyroidism and obesity are not risk factors for hiv.  That has nothing to do with her status or yours.  

A one time unprotected vaginal sex exposure is low risk for hiv transmission.  Your 11 week result is very unlikely to change.  For absolute certainty, you can test one more time after 12 weeks.  
I had done my Tridot test at the end of 4th month and it resulted non reactive can this be a conclusive
I'm sure you know that 4 months is more than 12 weeks so the twice repeated advice doesn't need to be repeated any more.
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It is accurate and conclusive.
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