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Rash = possible hiv ?

Hey everyone , this is in regarding about my rash which appeared after  3 weeks of having unprotected sex with a woman, at first there was alot of itchiness specially on my middle back and the place between my stomach and back in the middle , then after some time they became discoloured patches which itch sometime once a while. There were no symptopms like fever , sore throat , diarrhoea, nothing at all. Please help me as i am scared to death !!!
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Vaginal or anal?
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Rashes related to HIV are NOT itchy.  You probably have some surface reaction to laundry or bath soap, or something you came in contact with.  It's definitely not related to HIV.

Just take an HIV test at least 4 weeks after your exposure to know for sure.  Symptoms don't tell you anything at all about your status.
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@curfewx thanks for your reply , can you tell me why after itchiness the brown spots appeared ?
No, I can't.  I'm not a dermatologist.  This is an HIV forum and since your rash isn't related to HIV, we can't guess what caused it or what the brown spots are.
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