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3 weeks after one night stand I got fever, breathlessness and a weak circular flow. One day after I got a rash. It started at the trunk to the chest to the back to the face and then to the scalp. I got a few blains on the upper arm, thigh, soles of foots and at the penis. the blains are a bit itchy at the back, at the penis and at the backside. The doctor told me, that I have got chickenpox. I have got the rash now 6 days. The rush crusts also. I am very frightened that I have got an an akute hiv rash? Please help me!!
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If your doctor told you you have chickenpox, then obviously, your "rash" is the chickenpox.  That's really a no brainer, isn't it?

If your one night stand involved unprotected vaginal or anal sex, then a test at 3 months after the exposure is advised.

Again, you've already gotten an answer from your doc as to what the skin issue is, so that is not related to HIV.
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