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Rash HIV

Dear sir,

I received a hand job from a CSW recently. I think there was some vaginal fluid involvement but I'm not sure.
She used a hot cloth to clean my penis after the ejaculation. towel was about 40 degrees hot. After 3 week a tiny red rashbumps developed in outer forearms of my both arms. only in a small area just below the elbow. when I squeezed them some fluid came out. Also I developed some kind of soreness in the throat too. No considerable fever.

Can  these be HIV ARS?
Does HIV ars rash appear in only arms?
DO I need to check.
Can I have sex with my wife with out fear in my mind?

If she had some king of a cut in her hands, can HIV virus pass through to me through urethra?
If sweat involved, can it pass HIV virus to me through urethra?

Many thanks

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Hi and welcome to the Hiv prevention community.You can certain that you had NO Hiv risk from what you describe for the simple reason that Hiv becomes inactive once exposed to air and therefore is unable to infect you.Your worry is not justified and you are not experiencing ARS rashes.All the best.
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Can HIV ARS rash show up only a certain part of the forearm of the both arms?
Have you ever heard anybody with ARS rash only in either arms or legs?

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ARS rash is almost always on the trunk--torso.
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Thank you very much, I truly hope that you are correct
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I'm always correct,I have worked with the best Hiv specialists in the world in sydney and i know what an ARS rash looks like and where on the body it's located.I also know that you never had a risk of Hiv infection so how could your rash be an ARS rash?
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ARS rash is almost always on the trunk--torso. ,>> which means that every place on the body
sorry my english is very bad
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No it doesn't,it means it's on the trunk-torso the majority of the time.It can be on the limbs aswell.
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