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Rash on Scalp

I recently made the biggest mistake of unprotected sex with a sex worker in Asia. Now it's been nothing but anxiety as I am sure has been mentioned thousands of times.

I understand the only way to confirm is through testing, and ars is different per person / doesn't show signs for others, but I figured I'd ask if this is something you'd expect to see. I've had a rash appear after about 3 weeks post exposure (or at least that is when I first noticed it) on my scalp (back of my neck, just above where the hairline starts). It covers maybe 3-4 inches but doesn't come lower then my hairline. On top of that, I've had very swollen tonsils.

1) Is this something you would expect to be related to ars?
2) Odd question, but we actually fell asleep mid-way for about 10 min where I stayed inside her. How much would this increase the risk of acquiring HIV?

I am also on Atripla for PEP currently.
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If your on PEP. Please work with the doctor who prescribed it. Side effects and all. And additional testing after. That is the best option right now.
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I unfortunately was prescribed the PEP while travelling so I don't have a proper HIV specialist able to monitor this. I speak with a doctor in a few days after my PEP is completed.

Would you expect a PEP rash to be non-itchy and macular? Also, just in the scalp but not on the torso?

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Im sorry i cannot comment on PEP treatment. The best person to talk to will be the person that prescribed it. Anyway I doubt if there is anyone on the community who will also have knowledge on that. But at this point please work with your doctor. Hopefully everything will turn out well
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