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Rash on face

I don't know if it's normal.
I'm on pep and had flu 10 days when I started pep now I'm having a face rash.
I'm also having single pimples on my chest and hand(red dots) . I haven't skipped a day of pep could it be that my pep failed? I can't test because I'm left with a week of pep left. Are my symptoms hiv symptoms?
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PEP has lots of side effects, some permanent. I wouldn't take it - one reason is you had zero risk.

Your fear that she took the condom off you  to hide it somewhere (because you have taken a wild guess that you won't give up that it was broken which you have zero evidence to believe) after having sex with you makes no sense. She only cares about herself so is likely protected all the time and negative. You probably didn't even have sex, since you were drunk - but that's just my guess and I wasn't there.

You already made a thread . Stop making multiple threads. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Drunk-with-a-csw/show/3066951
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See your pharmacist about your side effects if you are going to continue wasting your time taking it.
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