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Rash on leg

I have had a test done so ill find out for sure soon, but im worried now because theres a sort of rash at the top of my right leg. There little bumps and theres also some on my stomach on the right side as well. Is this a concern? Im not sure exactly how long its been there. I know its said if you get any symptons it happens the first 2-4 weeks, although this is 15 weeks ago is it still possible symptons can show up?
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Here are pictures of the rashes, they arent great quality.
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Here is a better picture, does it look like a rash that could be caused by HIV?

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Your rash is not related to ARS. It does not fit either the timing or the pattern.

And spare us your pictures next time- we don't make such diagnoses on this forum.

You are wasting your time looking at your body for symptoms- they don't mean anything concerning your status.
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Thanks for your reply. Sorry, i thought including pictures would help, but you are very much right about not wasting time looking for symptoms. Im making myself panic over it so much, i just have to wait to get the results back and thats the only way to know for sure.
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Ive now noticed on my other leg near the top there is another rash but its just a red area, not little bumps like on my other leg. Does this sound like anything to worry about? I really have got to stop looking all over my body because every little i thing i see that seems different now its making me so paranoid.
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