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Rash or not

I have had sex with a csw and she had supplied a condom she used two condom and since i was not able to ejaculate she removed one condom with her hand a proceded with one and after with the same hand she had given me a handjob
Is there a any risk as i have a rash on my body its like 4 years now i never had penetrative sex otjer than that i feel very worried after sex i have not had any sex and i have not found a parter whom i would have sex with and really worried i may infect her
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Condoms protect you from HIV, so you had no risk from this event.  In the future, do not wear 2 condoms because that can create friction and cause the condom to break.  Since your condom did not VISIBLY break, you had zero risk for HIV.  Since you do not have HIV, you cannot infect any partner.

You have been obsessing about this no-risk event for four years.  It is time to move on.
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Some symtoms always bothers me  they are in conistance with data on the web and some data even shows handjobs and fluids come in contact with wounds may cause hiv
" some data even shows handjobs and fluids come in contact with wounds may cause hiv" I'm not sure why you are asking questions here since you feel we are wrong in advance but you know the answers from your googling activities. Besides, you have no medical training so likely you misinterpreted what you read.

You had zero risk but if you continue googling for death you can always find someone who will scare you by claiming that whatever you did in the last day can infect or kill you.
hiv docs can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to poster's claims of symptoms - often they are just in their imagination from fear btw- and you shouldn't waste your time studying "symptoms" either.
4 years of your life has been wasted life worrying about something you didn't even have a risk for is heartbreaking to hear, but it is even worse when you state that you still fear a disease you weren't even exposed to. There are 5,000 diseases and conditions that you can actually have but you are stuck fixated on one that you can't. Seek therapy to see if you can can get help and live a normal life.
There is lot of information on the internet i came here just to varify and if i wouldnt belived your advice i wouldnt have posted here
I get  protected sex is protected until condom is visible broken but there is lot of info on the internet which clamed to ne from some good websites as it comes on the google search and even yesterday i had seen an article where black toenails can be an indiaction of hiv and when i looked at my foot i by toenalils have black in 2 3 of them these information creates a doubt in people so as this forum is interactive it provides more insights thats why i asked a question here and was not to create a debate

"There is lot of information on the internet" and you are not a scientist and have misinterpreted what you read. Studying your toenails is a waste of your time and will never provide any insight but after your 4 years of hiv fixation I'm not going to get into why.
Do yourself a favor and seek therapy instead of wasting another 4 years trying to do a doctor's job without any medical training.
The simplest solution for you is to take a test for hiv then after you get a negative result - if you will believe the result - you can move on. Otherwise without therapy you might spend another 4 years in fear studying your body and wasting your time searching the internet trying to do a doctor's job without any scientific training. hiv doctors can't diagnose by symptoms so it is a totalwaste of your time studying your body.
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