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Rash,thrush, and swollen lymph nodes ARS?

I had unprotected sex with a girl I was dating 7 weeks ago, 4 days later I developed bumps on my penis which were later diagnosed as herpes. They didn't burst and weren't very bothersom so I figured no medication would be needed. Okay this is where things get weird, 3 weeks after sex I noticed I had a chest rash and discovered I also had a rash on my palms, the rash is very flat and not bothersome. I googled it and found HIV could be the cause. I felt to see if my lymph nodes felt weird and thought I noticed a bump or two so went to go see a friend who's a nurse a few days later. Confirmed my lymph nodes in my neck are in fact swollen.  Fast forward to 7 weeks later I still have the chest and palm rash as well as the swollen lymph nodes but  I now also have what appears to be oral thrush, I looked in the mirror after my tongue was bothering me a bit and saw the raised buds along with a milky white color in the back of my tongue. I tried scraping it and it bleed a bit. I went to take an HIV rapid test the next day which in total was 7 weeks and 4 days after exposure, the test came back negative. I also forgot to mention I took an HIV DUO test at 18 days past exposure also negative. I will test again in 3 months but if the following symptoms were caused by the virus wouldn't I have tested positive? Or do ARS symptoms have nothing to do with the creation of Antibodies?
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Anybody got any insight?
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Yes .if it was indeed ARS, you would have tested positive. The tests that you took are strong indicators . Good that you're following up with a 12 week confirmatory test.
What has me the most worried is my outbreak has now been going on for 6 weeks! It's my first outbreak though. I was reading a rare few don't create antibodies but I also figured those people would get no symptoms
Symptoms are unreliable when it comes to hiv. Having hsv doesn't interfere with your hiv test. Your 12th week ab test will be conclusive.
I'm going to visit a doctor tomorrow to ask about my thrush and mouth ulcers! I know it shouldn't interfere but I'm worried because of how long my outbreak is lasting
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