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Rash very itchy rash!

I am so convinced at this point that I am HIV positive! After testing Negative 7 weeks "post exposure" I have developed a very itchy and pronounced rash, first it was near my right shoulder, it virtually disappeared after two day of treatment and it is now between my chest and neck, it is very itchy, very pronounced ....how is it possible ? Didn't my EIA 3rd generation test didn't pick that up
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When a rash is present due to acute HIV infection, it presents completely differently, for one, it does not itch, and two, it wouldn't appear as a single symptom that long after an exposure.
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Please just take a test at 3 months and please listen to nursegirl because she is a professional nurse.
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Thank you guys for the reassurance , must add that I did have a high fever for a couple hours two or three days before the rash appeared, but my overall temperature has been "ok" since then , in fact a bit lower than usual (36.7 or 36.8) , no sore throat, no other dermatological abnormalities, no night sweats, I feel a bit "lightheaded" at times but that's about it.

I read in an article that a "HIV rash" appears when the body is producing antibodies to fight off the virus, so this could be possibly a "healing HIV rash" because most of my past symptoms are gone and this rash appeared out of nowhere, practically 2 days after testing negative at 7 week "post exposure" whether its my mind or the HIV itself! These are very tricky/scary moments for me. Lesson learned!!!
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Your 7 weeks negative us good indicator of your HIV status but nor conclusive. ..
Please engage your in other activities upto 12 weeks and take a single antibodies test at 12 and make it conclusive...
Dont go behind symptoms and your fever is not fever and it is normal temperature. ...
Gud luck..!!
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