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Please help me. I had sex on 27/4 with a csw. It was protected. I did putvthe condom myself. We didnt have oral. I didnt even kiss her, u might ask where is tge issue?!! 3 days ago the skin of mu tummy became.itchy and I want to scratch it very bad.  I noticed very smallll pimples on the sides of my tummy and between my chest some.are red and some.are normal. A week before that I had 2 pimples on my balls they were itch and went away afte 2 days.  Nowadays associated with the pimples on my tummy I have one pimple right on the top of my dick base. Excuse my language!!  Today morning I noticed very small pimples on my arm near my hand!! The inside part!  

I feel so depressed and convinced that all of this rash is due to HIV,  unfortunately I cant go for the test before 19 July as im in a country that will ****.me if they found out that im positive, so Im traveling on the 17 to get the test done iutside the country?

What do.u say. Please advise without cursing me that I had protected and no risk!  

Thanks guys
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We're not going to curse at you, but you seem to know that protected sex is not a risk.  So, since you had protected sex, you've had no risk.
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Thanks James for ur reply, if u say so that I had no risk, why I have this rash then ! I dont know how to upload pics here! I would love to share it with u guys so I might find the solution with U!! Im going crazy and thinking about suicide. But something keeps telling me to.wait until I get tested !! Smallll pimples next to.each other on my arm, tummy and different ones on my balls and the base of my gentle !!
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I forgot to mention, sore throat ,night sweet like a pig almost every night,and discomfort!! appetite lose and generally tired
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The mind is a very powerful thing.  You body can mimic HIV symptoms very easily.  Symptoms mean nothing when trying to determine your HIV status.  The only way to know is to test.
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Thanks bro, anyone else has something to say? !
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nothing to add to what you've been told.

KUDDOS for wearing a condom  :)
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Thanks Lizzie loufor ur replay, I will wait until I get of the country so I can get tested which is after a month!  So it will be almost 83 days exact!!  Wish me luck guys!

BTW I used one.of the creams on these pimples and I dont feel the rush anymore and they just disappeared!!!  And the pharmacist I went to who gave me that cream advised me to wear cotton shirt under my shirts as they dont absorb the sweet properly!!  Its ****** hot here guys!! It reaches 50's C sometime.during the day and we sweeet here like.pigs :(

Thanks.again and will keep u updated!  
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Hi guys, I ordered I care HIV 1/2 whole blood self test and had the test yesterday on 15/7/2015 while My exposure was on 27/4/2015, its 77 days and thankfully the result came back negative ( only one line "C" on the test bar ) its 77 days which is 11 weeks and 3 days ! could I consider it conclusive result or do I need to retest after 13 days so it would be 90 days exact ! I ordered 2 kits ! Im thinking about either testing after 13 days or wait for another 3 months so it would be 6 months!  

What do u suggest.  

Thanks again
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You did not have a risk and your negative test proves it.
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Thanks man ? So what do u say? Should I retest after a week or after 3 months?! Just for peace of mind
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Nope because you had no risk. Your good to go.
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If it'll help you move on, you go ahead.
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