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Can i consider rash symptom if I have little blotches on my forehead only, also I can barely see them if I do not close myself enough to the mirror.
Thank you very much.

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Could be the normal pigment of your skin. I have some "redder" areas on my face, arms etc. I'm quite pale, though.

Check with a dermatologist if it's bugging you.
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But my question is: can early symptom of HIV rash can look like this.
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No, Rash from HIV is usally always on the trunk of the body and it always comes with a fever and other sypmtoms and it lasts at least 3 days or more with fever
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Thanks, some doctor told me yesterday that even it isn't a rash, i have too small blotches, on my forehead and no pain, nothing.
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Rash from any systemic infection/disease will always normally come with other symptoms. Even if you had a fever with your rash that still does not point to HIV. Symptoms mean absolutely nothing. I've been tested negative out to 6 months and had pityriasis rosea all over my body, including my penis. I also had a slight sinus infection during/before this time and my lymph nodes were enlarged.

I've learned (the hard way) that symptoms aren't an indicator for anything.

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