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I have a rash on my left arm. It is like a red patch on the inside of my elbow. It has been there for almost 12 days. Is this ARS rash? it is flat and red !
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Teak...why are u saying no? Can you please explain to me why this cant be ARS rash?? I am looking at it all day !
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The rash associated with HIV is commonly known as a morbilliform, or macular rash. It is very measles like in appearance...and commonly spreads along the trunk of the body. Its not always present with acute HIV infection. There are other conditions that can cause a rash with this kind of appearance. Yours doesn't fit the profile. The best thing to do is to not self diagnose. You should consider seeing a dermatologist.
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The two rash described above is not the same types of rash. There is a big difference between morbilliform and macular rashes.
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Morbilliform rashes are listed as the type of rash associated with HIV. Follow Teak's advice, and if I am incorrect about the macular description I apologize and double check my facts.

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I've also heard it described as maculopapular rash on the trunk of the body. Is this correct Teak?

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what is the "trunk" of the body? does it mean neck and chest?
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And a potential helpful explanation:

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so guys, why isnt my rash ARS related? It is a red patch on the inside of my left elbow.
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