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Re: acute retroviral syndrome

Dear Dr

Last Wednesday I had sex with a prostitute. We gave each other oral sex without condom before vaginal intercourse. Although a condom was used during vaginal sex.

Three days later, I developed sore throat, which could be contributed by the fact that I smoke.  Then, around midnight, I had a brief fever (feeling really cold, shaking body, high body temperature) and vomit, which could be caused by me staying outside in cold weather for the whole day drinking quite a few beer.  The fever symtoms disappeared quickly next day morning after a night of sweaty sleep.

Then, I had no other ARS symptoms until last night.  I noticed I sweated a lot during the sleep, which could be caused by the hot weather.

I have no other abnormal symptoms except the ones described above.

How likely I am infected with HIV and do you suggest that I should consult a doctor immediately or leave it for a while?

Your advice will be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Thank you Teak

I am really relieved.
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three days is very early for ARS.
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You didn't have a risk and your symptoms are not related to ARS.
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