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Real HIV risk or OCD ?


I took the bus to go home from work and when I sat on the seat I felt a little "tingling" on my buttdcks (similar tingling to what you could have on arms, legs, face, ...).

On the spot I didn't think too much about it but could it have been a nail / syringe infected with HIV or something else? I wouldn't say I felt pain ... just a lot of more tingling since I started thinking about all this. Is this probably only stress / anxiety or could I have been infected with HIV?

When I got off the bus I checked the seat thoughly: nothing visible and nothing that could be felt with a hand searching all over it. Got home: checked the jeans: nothing. Took a shower and I couldn't see any blood.

I could only see a few bumps / pimples on my buttocks but can't really recall if they were there before. They could also be caused by excessive scratching because I was (and am) stressed.

Would you consider this a real HIV risk? Should I go take PEP?
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You would know if you sat on a syringe.  

You're fine
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You're sure it could not happen "silently" so that you barely notice?

Sorry to be a bit persistent but I'm quite paranoid, have lots of anxiety and a few OCDs :(. I would really like to be reassured if this was not a risk or, if it was, to go ASAP to a doctor.

Thank you for your understanding.
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Or could it have been a very small needle maybe ??????
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Relax there is nothing to fear as per my knowledge the virus can't stay alive in open air conditions so chill
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If it was a needle I would be more reassured as I agree with the fact the virus dies very rapidly.

If it was a syringe on the other hand things are a lot different since the virus *can* stay alive for a very long time. Hell, HIV risk is drug users sharing needles so of course this is a HIV risk.

I just find strange I didn't feel much (if any) pain when I sat on the seat though ....
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It was neither
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How can you be so sure? Becase I didn't feel much pain? I don't know how much pain I'm supposed to feel in the buttocks ... when going to donate blood or for a Doctor's vaccination the needle freaking hurts (but that's on my forearm so I'm not so sure if the pain is supposed to be so intense in the buttocks).
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Because you didn't sit on a needle. Please stop making his more difficult than it should be.
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Not single risk of hiv. Get tested to ease your mind. I was like you few years ago, paranoid and full of anxiety. Trust me buddy.

Calm down. You are fine. Dont worry be happy
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I will likely go to get tested in 3 months just to ease my peace of mind.

Why did you say: "Not single risk of hiv"? Because there wasn't a needle/syringe (you think at least) or because it couldn't carry HIV?.
Maybe I was just (and still am) very tired and stressed because of work.

This morning in the bus I had the same feeling when I sat on my seat but I think I know now what the needle filing came from (and not exactly on my buttocks either): I just need to shave myself down there since the hairs are just the length such that it's quite itchy and tingling:(.
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HIV is not your problem its the anxiety of catching it by improbable means. Not everyone around ou has HIV. So relax, and im sure you will know if you sat on a syringe needle. Take care!
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I've go through several episode of anxiety few years ago. Fatigue, dry mouth and insomnia almost 1 month. I've been self diagnose myself using the information i got through various medical website.

The result i got was hiv, leukimia, cancer and other serious illness. Within the timeframe, the panic attack strikes me several time. This situation really affect my daily life.

Believe me buddy, the things that you experience right now is anxiety. I know, it's not so easy to get rid of this negative thought. Please help yourself.

You live only once. Enjoy your life. Cheers

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