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Really Scared please advise

I am writing about a specific strip club experience that I had last Friday which I went with my colleague. Basically I had got three lap dances from three different strippers. Each was a quick one for 5 minutes. All that happened was that I pressed/rubbed and touched the thighs, breasts and off course lot of buttocks and butt cheeks rubbing with my hands. Never kissed, never fingered and never touched the nipples. I did not have any kind of sex with the strippers as I was fully clothed. When I was done and when we left the club, my colleague was trying to confuse me that there might be risk in wat I did as he did not get any lap dances. After reaching home I was upset and I was thoroughly scanning my palms and I did find a tiny reddish pink spot under my right thumb and a very small red line on my left palm. I know for sure that I did not  get a cut or there was blood on my palms but never understood when I get tiny little red dot. I started to google and went to medhelp and poz forums to seek assurance but my anxiety made me come here as my case was unique.all I wanted to know is did I put myself into risk of catching hiv or any stds. Does the strippers buttocks or thighs or breast skin host live std organisms which can get into my palms. Please help me as I am not able to even reveal this to my wife. Do I need any kind of testing. Because of this I did not have sex with my wife over the weekend. Even if there was a cut or few drops of blood wud that cause any risk. Really Scared
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HIV is transmitted through:
-Unprotected vaginal/anal penetrations.
-Sharing needles to inject drugs .
-Mother to child.

You didn't do any of this things, so you were never exposed to HIV. Even if there were cuts on your hands. Once it's exposed to air, HIV becomes unstable and looses its capacity of infecting.

All the best.
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