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Really had a mental breakdown. please help guys..

Hi guys, i really need your help since I feel really helpless now.
On the 18/8/10 I had protected oral and vaginal sex with CSW in the luxury spa in thailand. I buy the condom myself (durex extra safe).
On the 4th of oct (6 weeks after exposure), I experience vertigo and difficulty in walking (felt loss balance). At the same time I feel I want to vomit and had mild diarea for 4-5 days.
I go to ENG and neurologist but both of the tell me that my ear and neuron/brain have no problem. I even had CT scan to confirm that hypotheses.
I started to do my own research and found malaise and fatigue or neuron disorder as one of the hiv symptomp. I also find out diarea and vomiting is other symptom of hiv.
I begin to panic   and do the 1st hiv test on the 8th week and the result is negative.
But what really worries me is I just experience mild fever around 37.2 C in the afternoon but goes down
To 36.8 at night and morning that persists for the last 1 week.
I also find a red skin rash on my right thigh at the same time when I experience this mild fever.
Although the rash has slowly dissapear (almost gone now).
I have taken another 2 test in week 11 and just take my 12 week (84 days) test yesterday.
Both results comes negative.
I still really worried since I stay in Jakarta Indonesia, and I don't know whether the test is really accurate.
Now I really have trouble sleeping and I experience a lot of sweating at days and night.
I am really worried since I feel I am a realy healthy guy before and neve experience
Sickness that last for more than 1 month (starting on 4th oct and now already 11 nov).
Could you guys help me when I should do another hiv test to really give me confident that I am not infected
with hiv? Thanks a lot for your suggestion. God bless.
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Hi there,

Your question was answered correctly in your previous thread, which was identical to this. The answer does not change when you repeat the question. You were not exposed to HIV.

Regards Kevin.
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Sorry, I thought the 1st upload is failed. Thank you  for the prompt response.
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