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Really worried about being hiv+, someone help

Hello, I am new to this and after reading about hiv and the different symptoms that come along with it I began to get extremely worried.  About 8 weeks ago in the first week in August, I had brief sex with a prostitute in AC, New Jersey.     However I did wear a condom and the encounter lasted only around 2-3 minutes and i was not fully hard.  I am almost positive the condom did not break.  This encounter was late at night and I did not sleep much for the rest of the night.  The next morning I thought I had a sore throat and constantly picked at my lymph nodes in my throat.  As the day went on I did not have a sore throat anymore but my neck felt weird.  I was constantly picking at my lympph nodes, so could this cause a weird feeling in my neck? lasted about 4 days and prrogressively stopped as i stopped feeling my lymph nodes.  Also during the next day after having sex I had diarrhea that lasted only about 1 day or 2.  About 3 weeks after the encounter I had a sore throat that lasted around 3- days then went away.  6 weeks after the encounter which was about 2 weeks ago i woke up with two bad bug bites on the back of my neck with an enlarged lymp node above it.  The lymph node was popping out of skin.  About 4 days ago while i was abroad in england i began to develop a pimple like rash on my biceps that began to spread across my chest and back about a day after I used a towel that had a smell to it.  The rash seems very consistent with Molluscum Contagiosum. Since the the rash started 4 days ago it has gone down drastically but there are still a few small ones on my back and a couple on my chest.  The only product i sued on them was baby powder and it seemed to work and cause them to decrease.   Also after noticing them i began to pick at them because i did not know what they were and yesterday which was 2 days after noticing them i got only a few on my face.  Could picking at the ones on my back and then touching my face cause them to spread?  There were only a couple on my face not many and after popping them they have gone down drastically in one day and there seems to be no other ones appearing.  After noticing the Molluscum contagiosum rash 2 days after which was once yesterday and once today i had very small amount of diarrhea.  I have had no fever or muscle pain or any other symptoms.  I am extremely worried I have contracted hiv even though i used a condom because of this rash.  It is extremely consistent with Molluscum contagiosum. I have read that seroconversion usually happens 3-4 weeks after exposure.  I got the rash about 2 months after possible exposure.  I have had mono twice in the past and have felt no symptoms of that but this rash is worrying me a great deal.  Even though it was not a terrible outbreak, i have read that adults do not typically get Molluscum contagiosum and most that do are because of hiv.  Someone please help me.  I am extremely worried and scared to get tested for fear of the test being positive..
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You had protected sex and didn't have a risk of contracting HIV.
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I know i used a condom but the Molluscum contagiosum is really worrying me.  i am almost positive the condom didnt break and i remeber the sperm still being inside when i took the condom off.  Why would i be experiencing these symptoms especialy what i beleive to be Molluscum contagiosum.  How long would the rash last if it was because of ars?  and everywhere ive read, Molluscum contagiosum with relation to ars appears on the chest, back and face.  Could poppong them and touching my face cause them to spread to my face a day or two after they initially appeared on chest and back.  Or would the spread be related to hiv? i appreciate your feedback i am just worried
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and is two months after exposure too late to get ars rash?
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and i have also read about bug bites and causing swollen lymph nodes for people with hiv.  is this type of reaction to 2 bug bites in your neck common to get an enlarged lymph node about the are of the bite?
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Protected Sex means safe sex and ARS rashes don,t appear at 2 months,if they appear it will happen 2 to 4 weeks after exposure.Your safe.
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Thank you very much for your comments.  i just have been extremely worried since the encounter and getting this rash did not help my concerns at all.  
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ive read on many websites where the rash can pop up later than 2-4 weeks after.  Is this true? and also the rash seems to fade a little then come back through out the day but it is still not bad
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ve read on many websites where the rash can pop up later than 2-4 weeks after.  Is this true? and also the rash seems to fade a little then come back through out the day but it is still not bad
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Your not really reading what you have already been told about not having a risk are you?
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i have read it im just worried thats all..
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