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Really worried

Sorry for asking again .
The information about HIV provided in this website seems to not correlate with that of other well known health websites,like CDC ect..
I was told earlier here , that it's impossible to get HIV from oral sex , no matter what happens . Even with the presence of blood . But other doctors and experts say otherwise. I don't know who to believe honestly .
The reason why I'm worried :
Is when I received a blowjob , the girl throw up at me and I'm sure there was blood mixed with vomit . And also when she performed handjob : here fingernail was broke and was blood in her hand . Isn't this a high risk even , since the blood can enter the tip of my penis ?
I would ask , if it wasn't for the symptoms : they all resemble those of ARS . Starting at 14 days with fever , swollen and painful lymph glands . Mouth sores . Dry mouth . Sore throat .
I'm really confused  .
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The experts affiliated with this site are experts specifically in HIV and this site is moderated. Only accurate information remains. There are sites that speak of 'theoretical' risk like cdc. The FACT is that no one, not  a single proven case in the history of HIV has ever been diagnosed with it after oral sex. In the real world, it does NOT happen. Even actual unprotected intercourse, anal or vaginal is LESS THAN one percent risk. Oral just does not result in hiv occurring. And NO WHERE will you find anyone that diagnoses HIV from symptoms. That's also not how it works. They assess risk and then rule it out with a test. You don't need to test. you had no risk. And you won't get a different answer from this site. If you want to remain anxious and not believe it, that's your choice. But we've shared facts with you. Air and saliva inactivate the virus and people do not get HIV from oral sex.
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