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Received rim job from csw girl and im worried sick. need help!

10 days ago on a moment of weakness I visited this female escort for sexual relief and she preformed prostate massage on me witch was all I asked and suddenly and without consent she proceeded to lick my anus and shove her thong inside for maybe 15 or 30 seconds until I told her to stop.  I have been extremely worried I have contracted stds or hiv from this exposure. I cant sleep at night married with 2 kids made a horrible mistake and don't want to pass anything on to my wife. how soon show I get tested for hiv and stds? i have no symptoms as of yet but i understand that doest mean anything. please help.
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No penetration.. no risk... stop worries... back to normal life...
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thank you for your reply. there was penetration via tongue if there was blood in her mouth the I have a real exposure. odds say that wasn't the case but how do I know for sure..
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Tongues are not penetration for hiv. The only risks that adults have are unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse and sharing IV drugs. Transmission has to take place inside the host or body.  Saliva and air inactivate the virus.  You had absolutely no risk.
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