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Red welts on arms, cold, fever, cough, fatigue at 8 weeks post exposure. possible

Hi! My last sexual encounter was about 9 weeks ago with a commercial sex worker. I had protected sex (although I realised the condom slipped when I pulled out, not sure whether I was in her when it happened) and unprotected oral as the insertive partner. I did an Ag/Ab combo Elisa test exactly 4 weeks post exposure which came back negative. Since then, I did experience any abnormalities until 8 weeks post exposure, which was last weekend. I came down with sore throat and dry cough without mucus (mucus did eventually develop 2 days later). The condition got worse and reached its peak yesterday, which was when I developed mild fever and feeling really fatigued. When I woke up Wednesday morning, I found a couple of red welts on my arm resembling those of a bad mosquito or bed bug bite, which grew to a total of 15 welts over a total of two nights (I was staying in a hotel for those two nights, could be bed bugs). All these symptoms lasted until today, and I'm experiencing occasional chills and hot flushes since last Wednesday.

There are no night sweats, swollen lymph nodes or rashes anywhere else on my body other than my arms though. Here's a picture I took of the welts on my arm on the first day I got them:



Are these symptoms related to early stages of HIV infection? Is ARS possible at 8 weeks? I'm planning to go for another HIV blood test next month at 12 weeks post exposure, but I need some feedback from experts to keep myself calm.. Thanks.
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Hi, if your not sure about the contom, testing at 3 months would be conclusive. Hiv is not diagnosed by symptoms but by testing.
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Was the condom on your penis when you withdrawal?
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No it wasn't. But I believe it came off when I withdrew, not entirely sure though.
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Was it hanging out her vagina?
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Yes it was.
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You never had an exposure. Next time hold onto the ring of the condom when withdrawing.
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Thanks for the tip! Anyway, is ars at 8 weeks possible?
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You never had an exposure
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