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I am from India I had sex with a sex worker and it was protective sex and during sex there is q condom broke and girl.noticed and we changed to new condom and continue and after that iam scared of HIv Transmission I did a Pcr RNA Test on 26th day and resultil was Not detectable and again on 28th day I did TriDot test it was non reactive so am I free from HIv or should I go for testing again
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A broken condom is a one time sex exposure and is, therefore, really low risk.  The statistic is less than 1 percent transmission rate from a on time exposure.  The odds are in your favor most assuredly.  Since it is a 3rd generation test, it's going to be conclusive at 90 days.  I would not be very worried but repeat the retest the.  Remember, LOW RISK from a one time condom break.  
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Sir I did Pcr RNA Test on 26th day It was not detected so how reliable is this test sir ??
You already mentioned that so no need to restate it. It was a waste of your time so just follow the advice given previously.
RNA PCR tests are highly accurate.  There is no reason to believe that you have HIV, but you can test for peace of mind at 90 days.
Curfew is right. People get false positives with RNA but that is irrelevant since your result was negative. When it reads negative it is very accurate so you should just move on.
So can I take pcr rna test on 26th day not detected as a good outcome sir ?? Don't mind as iam asking specific about this please
I was wrong earlier. On Dec 25 I said Curfew was right - she said and I later explained it is very accurate (when negative). The only thing left for you to do is reread the last 2 words in my Dec 25 advice.  
Yeah sir thanks for reply sir ... Even I want to move on some how other iam stuck with it sir ... I won't think about it anymore sir
I hope so, because there are 5,000 diseases or conditions that you can actually catch tonight that you don't even think about, so you should forget about hiv which you can't have.
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I think the Tridot test is not a duo so you have to wait for 3 months to test. If she always uses a condom, then it is to protect herself from customers and she would likely be negative anyway otherwise why would she spend money on condoms? I would test at 3 months, but would not worry while waiting since she is probably negative.
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Sir I did Pcr RNA Test on 26th day It was not detected so how reliable is this test sir ??
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