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Regarding Hiv symptoms

Hi Doctor,
         I am ramesh 23 year old male,i had sex with a sex worker last 2 weeks before i hav used a thick latex condom and we both were in doing protected sex at that time i had my body weight of 55kgs at that time we had a kiss in lip to lip not in a deep state,but i searched in Google regarding hiv symptoms it showed me the similar symptoms of tiredness and mouth spots on my lips, rashes and diarrhea, i had desentry last night and checked my body weight the next day and i came know about sudden weight loss of 3kgs in 2 weeks i have only one red spot cherry angioma in back of my shoulder and have dry throat checked the hiv elisa status it showed me negative and non reactive and the lab worker said me to get tested again after 3 month of sexual contact, but i am getting so panic and anxiety, so please help in get rid out of these tension,so i vil never ever repeat the same so please help me to know the actual status.please help me i would like to know does this reaction due to climatic changes or any sort of std's.please help me doctor.i m so nervous for the past one week!
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You can't get HIV from using a condom. So your test was a waste of time - which is a good thing.
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