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Regarding testing methods after receiving Inflienza vaccines

Does anyone here know if an Influenza vaccine can alter my HIV rapid testing over at planned parenthood???

My doctor 2 weeks after exposure had a CBC done on me, not sure if that meant anything regarding testing for HIV or not. I had an influenza vaccine done last week and I am supposed to get an HIV rapid test or oraquick test done tomorrow since it's 6 weeks after my exposure. I am so nervous because I know the one i had done at 4 weeks didnt mean much. Now, my worry is that I have a false result tomorrow and worry myself to death. I truly have no one to talk to and my neuropathy and tingly prickly sensations all over my body and oral and vaginal thrush lead me to believe it's something related more so to HIV or HSV2.
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your influenza vaccine will NOT alter your HIV test!!! CBC is not indicative of HIV. regarding your symptoms, have your doctor check your B-12 as well as glucose levels. thrush can be due to many things. stress is one of them and it seems like you are worried to death. don't jump the gun, until after your results tomorr. your symptoms are unrelated to HSV2. what was your exposure?
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dont want to hijack the thread but can stress really cause thrush?
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yes. as well as yeast infections... stress weakens the immune system and when the immune system is weakened, anything can happen. fungus, bacteria, parasites--- they begin to take over!!!
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I had unprotected sex when the condemn tore and he ejaculated inside me and i immediately ran to the shower and washed myself. I keep telling him to get tested and he pretends he has yet refuses to show me the results. I am terrified because he had something called Chancroid too. I have never had an STD in my whole 29 yrs of life and have been abstinent most of the years and had only one sexual partner prior who was a physician and was clean (virgin)  and never cheated on me. Yes, I have been anxious but this is due to the fact that my doctor's are incompetent. He ordered a CBC two weeks after my exposure and wrote on there STd's and HIV on the lab order. I am terrified after visiting a site that is called false positives for HIV and it mentioned somethng briefly about false postives and influenza vaccines. I have oral thrush including these little red circles on the back of my tongue and the front is whitish colored. I can't even breathe because I am so overlystressed. I had a HIV oraquick at 2 weeks and one at 4 but I am so nervous especially knowing my partner is a liar and lied about being tested. I  DONT TRUST THE MONSTER.
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I went to my doctor two days ago because i was having severe nerve pain in my hands and feet. He stated I have fibromyalgia. I never experienced spinal pain, hands and feet nerve pain in my entire life. I believe it's strongly related to this exposure because it suddenly onset itself 2 weeks after my exposure. I also had severe migranes, thrush that wont go away, and terrible muscuoskeletal pain primarily affecting my neck, knees, wrists, ankles, and feet (toes).
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well it definately sounds like he's not a nice guy. thats for sure. but i will tell you this. fibromyalgia sounds very much like what you have. but i strongly believe it is due to your extreme stress and depression over this event. even though you had an exposure, it is not that high risk. your 4 week test is reassuring. tomorrow's test is even more reassuring. as far as your thrush, are you sure it's thrush. it may be a benign condition called geographic tongue. ypur migraines are def due to stress. if you don't calm yourself, you can do more harm. here are your options - have your test tomorrow and try to put this behind you or you can go have an antigen test. these are more expensive but they will tell you if you were ever exposed to the virus in the 1st place. good luck. ill be praying for you tonight but i'm sure you're fine...
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Thanks for your help and support. I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to respond to my postings. I wish you well in your life.
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