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Reused Needle?

I recently had blood drawn at a Quest Diagnotics Patient Service Center.  Does anyone know what sort of needles are used by Quest and whether it's possible they could be reused?  I am very squeamish around blood, so I looked away while the phlebotomist was getting everything ready.  I am not sure whether she used a new needle and I am also not sure whether she threw the needle she used on me away afterward.  I thought I was being irrational until I heard about the Hepatitis/HIV scare in Southern Nevada and read about the phlebotomist reusing needles in Palo Alto.  How can I be sure that the needle used on me was not a reused needle?  I know my question may sound crazy to you, but I am worried sick (literally) over this and any helpful information you can provide will be appreciated more than you can know.  I have contacted the lab's customer service department and my local HIV hotline, but I have not been able to find a definitive answer to my question.  If anyone can provide me with information about the type of needles Quest uses for blood draws (and the brand if you know), along with the protocols that their phlebotomists are required to follow, I would sincerely appreciate it.  I don't think I can live like this for three months until I am out of my window period and able to get tested.  Please help!
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Take it to the Anxiety Forum and seek professional mental help. You have any questions for Quest Labs you'll need to contact them.
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I had my blood drawn at Quest on several occasions. They certainly do not re-use needles. Those stories you read about are very very rare incidents. You are certainly thinking irrationally.
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Quest labs is not going to take the chance of  reusing a needle . you are being irrational
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Hi there,

It has been a standard practice that syringes/needles used in medical institutions or hospitals are disposable, not reusable.
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