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Ringworm looking rash on my arm

About a year ago I developed a couple of small, ring-shaped rashes on the back of my arm, just below the elbow.
I applied some topical cream and they went away in about a week.
The other day I developed the same rash in the same spot.  This time the rings are not as profound.
Any idea what this could be? I'm heading to the doctor tomorrow to get it looked at.
I also have been experiencing some mild chest pain when I breathe deeply.
Any way these could be linked to HIV or other infection?

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Ringworm can be contracted from your pets. If you have ringworm also have your pets checked and get yourself treated along with your pets. Could it be linked to HIV? NO. Did you have a risk of contracting HIV?
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I don't have any pets myself but I'm around dogs on a regular basis.
My girlfriend and I have been together for about 2 years.
We have unprotected sex but she has had regular checkups and tested negative for HIV last year. I did have unprotected sex with one person before we were together over 2 years ago.
Is it possible that I could've contracted something then and not had any signs of HIV besides these rashes on my arm? Would I have experienced other symptoms besides these? I'm planning on getting tested this week to find out if anything comes up.
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You wouldn't be having symptoms this late and the symptoms you are having are not indicative to HIV by themselves.
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Ring worms are difficult to get rid of. I have been suffering with them for about twenty years. I put cream and theygo away but a few months later they come right back. I DON'T PAY MUCH ATTENTON TO THEM ANYMORE. I make sure that I always have my antifungal cream so the minute one starts to form I treat it.
I has nothing to do with HIV. I get tested every six months.
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