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Risk ?

Hi there; I hope someone can give me some insight:

I have engaged in many interactions with sex workers over the last 4 yearshere in Canada (Ottawa); I would say 80% or so have been strictly receiving oral sex (some protected, some unprotected). Also, I have given unprotected oral sex to these women around 10-12 times total in the last 4 years; any insertive penis to vagina, penis to anus has always been protected. What concerns me is this...

In February of this year, I engaged in contact with a sex worker; I gave her cunnilingus (until completion, if she wasn't faking), then had protected vaginal sex with her for about 1 minute. I am worried about her vaginal secretions possibly having entered somewhere in my mouth. I know this is low risk, but mentally I can't believe it in my scenario; I do have mild gum disease, but I tasted no obvious blood in my mouth, and I do not remember having any cuts or cankers at the time; also, I had some filling put in 1-2 days previous (I believe); also, I had a teeth cleaning about 2-3 weeks prior to this, so I assume my gums were in decent condition (maybe?)

About 3 weeks later, I developed strep throat; this lasted 6 days, but 5-6 days after the strep was gone 4 weeks or so after potential exposure), I got what I assumed to be a cold-flu (not so sure now); I had chills, weakness, and body ache for 2,5-3 days, night sweats for about a week, and a productive cough (not dry at all) that lasted close to three weeks. I didn't give it to much thought before now, but I am becoming crippled with fear. Could these cold symptoms have occured due to having the strep, and maybe it possibly compromised my immune system? I did take an hiv test today, and will find out the results in 2 weeks or so. Any insight on my idiotic behaviours would be helpful. I have a young son, and cannot fathom the type of person I must be to engage in these encounters with such reckless abandon.

P.S.-Any info. on sex workers in Ottawa, and the rate of hiv in this population? (Sorry for writing so much).

Thank you one and all.
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You had minimal risk.
Rate of HIV in Canada is low.
As a sexually active person you should get an HIV test every few years.
So since you're worried, get it done.
Expect negative results.
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Some medic consider oral sex 0 risk, other consider it low risk.
If you've vaginal sex and anal sex protect in all this years, and you haven't unprotected sex, the chanches of catch hiv only from oral sex are very very very low(if isn't blood into vagina).

So, I think that you're hiv negative, but after some encounters it's important take hiv test.
You've had many encounter, so I think that it's arrived the time to take a test.
I agree with joey, expect negative result, but get test tomorrow, ok?

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It will be 100 % negative !
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Thanks one and all; I appreciate all your great advice. Just a follow up though; you don't think the fact that I have weak gums posed any real risk? I know they you need only tiny cuts in your mouth(you don't even have to know they are there); this is part of what really scares me. Any thought on this concern?

Thanks again.
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Thanks for that link; it was nice to read that. Sorry to be so annoying, but just wondering about my symptoms; could they be from hiv or most probably a cold/flu?

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Yes, more than likely it was a cold.
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Sorry for asking so much; just wondering though. I did have an experience with a transexual sex worker in which I gave the them unprotected oral; I licked the head for about five seconds, noticed no precum, and I then concentrated in the shaft of the penis, not the head; no obvious cuts in it at all. Any big risk here? Thanks.
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Everything that you are describing is minimal risk, right around zero somewhere.
But since you have years of adventures with prostitutes, it's not a bad idea just to take the test.
You can almost certainly expect a negative result.
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