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Risk Assessment?

I had an incident with my roommate when we all went away for a weekend trip and now am concerned about it. I ended up using her shaving razor about 5 hrs after her (the razor had left over shaving cream and a bit of her hair caught in between the blades, and im I can't remember if i cleaned it all out b4 using it) and cut myself doing so, and bleed a little. When i got out of the shower to let her know that I used it, she was extremely concerned and told me that I should be tested for HIV since she is HIV positive (we've have only met recently in the beginning of college). its been about a month and a half since then and I'm waiting to go in and get tested to know for sure. But now I'm so concerned that  every ache and ever throat tickle sends me into lil bouts of anxiety till I can calm myself down a couple of days later.    

I read on here in another posting that there is no such risk of HIV transmission through razors.

I guess what im trying to ask it what are my chances of having hiv?  
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leftover shaving cream and hair are not infectious.

BEFORE you come back with "what if there was blood on the razor...it wouldnt matter if there was a cup full of her "blood" on the razor...hiv quickly becomes inactive and unable to infect when exposed to air.  

you were not at risk.
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thank you. Thats what i thought as well, but it was my roommates subsequent reaction and insistence that put lead me to doubt it.  She started talking about a cases where it has occurred , but forget that. Thanks once again.
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