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Risk Assessment and: Ultrasensitive p24 antigen detecting HIV-1 first week

I had a vaginal unprotected intercourse a week ago for about 20 seconds (no cumming) with an unknown hiv status girl from Bogotá, Colombia, well educated, upper class, and friend of a friend's girlfriend. Also I'm circumcised and we both revealed to each other that this was our first time with someone in bed after our last stable relationships (2 months her, 5 months me), but the obsessive thought of getting HIV from that is making me nuts. It's been 7 days and I want to be done with the test as soon as possible. I now all about non-risk, chances regarding the act, and whatnot. But, docs or friends of the forum, can you give me your opinion on my risk?

Also, freaking out about it, I started researching Google Scholar and found this paper by a scientific team from Spain: "Ultrasensitive detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen by a hybrid nanomechanical-optoplasmonic platform with potential for detecting HIV-1 at first week after infection". You read it: 1 week!!! Any advances on that test, does anyone know if it is under development? It would be heaven for people like me, nuts about having HIV even though everybody says I'm fine. Please look at it and let's discuss it. Thanks! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5310927/. Also, can I get HIV from what I experienced? Thanks!
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We have discussed about your situation in detail and I am afraid, there is nothing more that can be added in context to HIV.

If you are worried about other STIs, please post your question in relevant forum. This forum is only specific to HIV.

I will reiterate, your risk was low. Get tested at 28 days from the date of exposure, collect your negative and forget about this event to move ahead with your life.

Good luck. Stay Safe.
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Hi Mike, last question please. Got my negative HIV 4th gen duo test at 30 days!! Any more testing suggested? I've read about the famous 6 weeks study of 2017, but many experts who now recommend that timelapse (Dr. Hook and also the laboratory director where I took the exam) say they have never ever seen a positive after a negative duo on 28 days. In my opinion, that study basically just caused more harm and anxiety. What do you think? Can I move on? Thanks to all!
There is no reason to test now that you are conclusively negative. That is why no one here told you to test twice.
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IV and V generation of HIV test are very sensitive. These tests are a combination of P24 antigen and antibody detection.

P24 antigen is a viral protein that spikes in most cases of HIV infected individuals during the time of initial response to this virus, which is called ARS. The average time is 7-10 days post infection. Therefore, for most people; this test could yeild a result earlier than it's specified window period of 28 days from the date of exposure. It doesn't mean that it can give you a conclusive result that early, because there can be instances of delayed presence of p24 ag or undetectable amount of formation etc. For a conclusive you have to test at 28 days of later.

Your risk was substantially low. Based on your description, it's certain that your partner wasn't from a high risk demography. Also, in a typical 'female to male' transmission scenario though unprotected 'vaginal intercourse', the risk of transmission is relatively lower. It is extensively observed that it takes multiple such exposures for the male partner to contract the virus.

Now, let the reality kick in, you are clearly paranoid. Your fear originates from an assumption, there are million chances that your partner isn't HIV positive because that's how it is, not every one around you is HIV positive. People have sex all the time, every one doesn't end up with HIV. If you are always worried about irrational fears or have issues with anxiety, you can see a therapist to overcome it.

Just get tested at 28 days with a IV generation HIV test. Collect your negative and move on. You are going to be fine. In about a decade of me being here, I haven't seen a single poster come back to post a positive from an exposure like yours, hope this helps.

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Thanks so much Mike. Of course I'm paranoid and unable to calm down or think about a positive outcome, even after years of meditation practice.

This is really an issue for me 'cause it goes through an emotional and special sense of self I feel I betrayed. But, I don't want to get there...

Into the matter at hand, yesterday (day 25) I went to the clinic to check all STDs and HIV and they gave me a antibody 3th gen exam because at the time only general doctors were available to order exams (Covid-19 stuff). The 4th is only given by an expert (an urologist, in this case), or so they say.

I guess there's still a lot of stigma about the subject, lack of empathy and of course stress and focus in the pandemic, leaving less importance to my case. But this was prepaid medicare, best there is!

Anyway, on day 30th I'll go get those results and afterwards a 4th generation HIV exam at a very well known independent lab that offers it without the hassle and share the results here.

Thanks so much for your opinions, advice and reality checks!
You say you have anxiety, so you shouldn't bother collecting the antibody result since it can't prove you are negative when taken early. You will just get stressed waiting for it then feel scared again right after.
Just take the 4th gen at 28 days which is 2 days from now, then you have an answer that you can trust.
Did you try to get her to test as I mentioned? Not that it matters what her test says if you won't believe her result, but it would be good for her to stop being careless with other peoples health if she is positive.
No, I didn't, she may be "close" (friend of a friend) but she told me she was "clean" a day after the encounter. We haven't spoken since then. Although I understand your suggestion, having a conversation with her again will only increase my uneasiness and anxiety. I'll think about it after I have the final results. So, let's see what happens. I'll keep you posted.
Absolutely no point in asking her to test after your conclusive test result.  Doesn't matter then if she is HIV-negative or positive.  If your final result is negative, it's negative regardless of her HIV status.
Of course, but I may tell her if I'm negative in case she's as anxious as me, just to let her know.

Now, I did other exams (requested al STDs, and all negative, but one weird one called anti-CITOMEGALOVIRUS IgG was reactive ) but this doctor (pisses me off!) missed to order chlamydia and gonorrhea.

¿Do you think those two are necessary, even with my low risk exposure and a whole month without any symptoms, discharges or any change on the  penis?

Thanks so much for being patient, interested and answering all threads guys.
If your test is negative it won'/t prove anything about her status. You don't get hiv every time you have vaginal with someone who is positive, and she doesn't take precautions so is not likely to be worried anyway.
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Please know that while you had a risk of unprotected sex, a one time episode of unprotected sex is still low risk.  Transmission occurs less than 2 percent of the time if the other person has hiv and zero if they do not.  Very low risk, very much low odds that this would result in your getting hiv.  But since it was a risk, you will need to test.  A 4th generation duo test is conclusive at 28 days.  Try not to look up articles and such worrying yourself while you wait.  Stay busy and distracted.  
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Thanks guys.

So, 15 days left and feeling mentally stronger. I'll make it fine!
You could get her to test now since she is not a stranger, because if she gets a negative and didn''t have unprotected in the last 4 weeks you are good, unless you don't trust her. It would be good for her to know her status instead of just going unprotected and blind which is potentially risking other people's health.
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Take a 4th gen test at 4 weeks for a conclusive result. Try not to worry while you wait because only a test can determine your status so there is no purpose in speculating. As you know she may be negative in which case you can't get hiv from her, so that is all that I would think about.
You have far more to worry about from Covid since you were not social distancing and if she has that you are 100% guaranteed to become infected in which case you can spread it to others. Here is that forum in case you are interested. You need to self quarantine for 14 days after your encounter to make sure you aren't a risk to others lives.
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